Disposable Medical Breathing Bacterial filter

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-  Made of PP-medical grade -  High bacterial and viral filtration efficiency rates reduces the passage of airborne microorganisms to a considerable extent. -  Smooth and feathered edge for patient comfort and reducing irritation points.

Filtration efficiency:

BFE 99. 999%, VFE 99.999%

Resistance @30 LPM:


Dead space:


Tidal volume range:




 - Filter core The pore size of the internal filter membrane is smaller than the diameter of most bacteria, which reduces the spread of germs and other particles in the respiratory system and does not cause resistance to gas transport, thus affecting the patient's lung function. -Gas sampling port This port is used for sampling to meet clinical medical needs and has a luer cap for good airtightness. -Top/Bottom cover The top/bottom cover has a good airtightness that helps protect the filter core in it thus effectively moisturizing and insulating, minimizing moisture and heat loss from the patient. - Patient end The standard 15F/22M patient end fitting allows for better connection to Endotracheal tube, catheter mount or Closed suction catheter etc. - Machine end The standard 15M/22F machine port fitting allows for better connection to the breathing circuit.The Bacterial filter consists of upper-cover, screw cap, filter membrane, filter core, nether cover.The Bacterial filter is a dedicated breathing filter designed for use in breathing systems in anesthesia and intensive care, for the protection of the patient, hospital personnel and the equipment from potential microbial contamination.It is intended for bi-directional filtration with bacterial/viral efficiency offering cross-contamination protection for patients when the clinical gas pass through.-   For single patient use only. -   Not intended for reprocessing. -   Forbid use if the package bag is damaged.

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